Architecture &
Interior Design

By understanding the needs of our clients, we provide the most comprehensive service available to Architects and Interior Designers in the market place today. Our client managers are available around the clock to answer your questions and provide project support through the use of Smartphones.

We provide real time updates on your project inventories, shipments and a vast array of documents through our Windsor Pro platform. We issue you exclusive online access which is updated in real time as your projects and shipments move, change and install. We make it easier for you to track your projects progress at anytime from anywhere.

Windsor’s thorough and unique services include warehouse receiving and returns service Photographic labeling System PLS, Sourcing, Workshop coordination, Model Fabrication and delivery simulation.  All our services are designed to give you more time to focus on the important parts of your business and providing the smooth and stress free completion of a project from start to finish.

Our photographic inventory is designed to your unique and specific instruction and project needs, it can contain as much or as little information as you require and will provide the organization and answers you need around the clock and at your fingertips. With online access to your latest update there is never a wait to access the information you need. Your inventory complemented by our Photographic Labeling System (PLS), results in a well-organized and successful installation and completion of every project.

Our long experienced staff are sensitive and responsive to your installation needs. At Windsor we know that two installations are never the same, yet with our detailed and thorough pre installation planning and preparation, and the expertise of our installation crews means the same successful completion is achieved every time. Upon installation you will benefit from such unique services as Sourcing, Model Fabrication and Delivery Simulation, Photographic Labeling System for room location, positioning and on site identification,  the hanging and installation of mirrors and artwork and our Assembly service.

Architecture & Interior Design Service Specifics